Well hello! Welcome to Studio Fabric Shop. As I write this, the shop is still under development – it’s such a fascinating process to bring a new store to life, step by step. I’m very excited to share it with you.

What, you may wonder, is so special about this shop? Fabric lovers everywhere have fantastic access to a huge range of fabrics these days. In fact, hundreds of new fabrics are available every few months in North America alone.

Ah! Did you see how quickly I got to the point? As devoted fabric lovers know, it’s not about volume. We want something more – beauty, cuteness, elegance, brilliant and unique colour combinations, authentic-feeling retro prints, modern lines, hot Japanese imports, great design... Whatever it is we’re after, sometimes it can feel like searching for a proverbial needle in a haystack.

As a clothing designer with a passion for prints, I often have to search through hundreds of fabrics before I find one really great print, the kind of print that gets my creative juices flowing. Over the years countless people have asked me where I find these fabrics, and how I develop their combinations to create beautiful, harmonious effects.  Launching this new venture, I’m very excited to finally be able to share an amazing collection of fabrics with you.

Studio Fabric shop is a curated collection of beautiful fabrics. All of the fabrics in the shop were chosen by clothing and textile designers who share a passion for great fabric. Some of our fabrics were imported from Japan or Europe, some are North American, and some are vintage or out of print. You’ll also find gorgeous buttons and trims (both modern and vintage), custom made bias tapes, and a blog full of inspiration and project ideas, with contributions from artists and designers.

Please feel free to get in touch anytime at info@studiofabricshop.com, with project ideas, special requests, or to share your inspiration or projects.

Yours truly,

Devorah Miller
Founder, Studio Fabric Shop
Founder and Creative Director, Red Thread Design (http://www.redthreaddesign.ca/)
Devoted admirer of great fabric, textile art, and the people who make it

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