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What can artists and designers learn from Kaffe Fassett?

Last week I was lucky to attend a wonderful lecture given by Kaffe Fassett describing his design inspirations and his approach to colour. Held in the beautiful historic village of Whitevale, Ontario (pop. 240), the audience of approximately eighty women and one man was rapt as he described the development of his work over the years and showed numerous slides demonstrating how he transformed inspiration from such things as stones, tiles, flowers, and pottery into art. As all of his fans know, he has a gift for gracing everyday objects with sublime qualities; he finds beauty everywhere. His storytelling skill helped bring this gift to light. But I am not writing today to extol his significant virtues as an artist....

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Jeans to Skirt Tutorial: Turn a pair of jeans into a cute pleated skirt in 9 easy steps

Transforming a pair of jeans into something else is a great project, and there are lots of instructions online to do a simple transformation by removing the center seam and inserting a triangular piece. But what if you want to do something different? Here's a great project to transform your jeans into a cute pleated skirt. Let's do it! What you will need: good scissors or a rotary cutter, a sewing machine, thread, and pins. That's it! If you have a serger, great. If not, you can zigzag your rough edges or leave them as is (they will all be hidden away). Important Tip: Because this skirt will use all of the fabric from the legs, choose a pair that...

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Well hello! Welcome to Studio Fabric Shop. As I write this, the shop is still under development – it’s such a fascinating process to bring a new store to life, step by step. I’m very excited to share it with you. What, you may wonder, is so special about this shop? Fabric lovers everywhere have fantastic access to a huge range of fabrics these days. In fact, hundreds of new fabrics are available every few months in North America alone. Ah! Did you see how quickly I got to the point? As devoted fabric lovers know, it’s not about volume. We want something more – beauty, cuteness, elegance, brilliant and unique colour combinations, authentic-feeling retro prints, modern lines, hot Japanese...

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